Heron Days Treated over 200 People
to Wonderful Sights on Clear Lake

The 2015 20th annual Heron Days, presented by the Redbud Audubon Society made it possible for over 200 people to enjoy the fascinating wildlife and beautiful scenery of Clear Lake. Pontoon boats, driven and donated by licensed volunteers left from Lakeside County Park on Saturday, May 2 and from Redbud Park on Sunday, May 3.

"Reports of participants from both days of the event were exciting and it was obvious everyone had a great time," noted Redbud Audubon Society president, Roberta Lyons. "On our boat going down Cache Creek, we saw a Great Blue Heron catch a small bass, turn it around in its bill and swallow it whole!"

Many thanks to the numerous volunteers who made this event possible, including boat drivers and captains, bird guides, and check-in staff. Thanks also to Gene Renner, Tire Pros of Clearlake for his sponsorship donation, to Charlotte, Roy and Korey Disney at Disney Water Sports in Lakeport for loaning the use of a pontoon boat for Saturday’s tours, and to Bernie and Lynne Butcher of the Tallman Hotel and Blue Wing Restaurant for donating gift cards.

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